The Mobile Update And Your Business

Whatever your business and whatever the size, you are no doubt aware of the importance of having an online presence. In fact, the online market is now so important to the business world that I am actually wondering why I am even asking you this question! From a well produced and user-friendly website to a social presence and a strong content marketing strategy; if you aren’t already aware of what you need to be doing to get your business online then where have you been?

For a number of years an increasing number of businesses including SME’s have invested in online marketing. With the right tools, the know how and the right support there is no reason why any business whatever the size, cannot make a powerful impact on a growing audience.

One of the prominent ways in which online growth is now achieved is via search engine optimization. Through careful understanding of various elements a website is able to make itself known to the Google crawlers as relevant to a particular search, ultimately gaining prime positions within results.

Search engine optimization is a long and arduous process and with no solid knowledge of every single factor Google takes into account, it is easy to be left stumped! There is one thing that we do now know however; it is that having a mobile optimized site is now more important than ever.

Not sure what the latest mobile update means for your business? Then let me summarize it for you…

  • With Google now taking mobile optimization into account, we now know that those with a fully mobile ready website will rank far better in search results.
  • This change counts only for mobile search and does not affect desktop search results. It is important to note however that with a millions of people now searching on their mobile devices, the change is too important to ignore.
  • Small local businesses are likely to suffer the most as local searches e.g. ‘taxis Sutton Coldfield’ ‘Takeaways Birmingham’ are often prime searches however if your site is not mobile optimized then your position for popular terms will likely drop.
  • Although content and other search factors will count, generally speaking mobile results will not consist of the best organic results but simply the best mobile friendly results.
  • It doesn’t necessarily matter what size your business; the most important question to ask is “what percentage of my traffic comes from mobile devices?”
  • It may seem unnecessary for your business (particularly if you are a small business) to spend the money on becoming mobile friendly. With a number of options (adaptive/responsive) and a number of different web specialists offering competitive prices, getting there doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. It is important to also note that there are hundreds of users accessing the web and reaching new businesses via mobile search, making the change is a definite worthwhile investment for now and the future.

Is your business mobile optimized? If not then have you considered how being mobile ready could benefit you?

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