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My name is Paul and I would be extremely happy to work with you and your business. I specialize in getting you on the first page of Google. Whether its your website, videos, yelp listing etc. You tell me what you want and i make it happen for you. See some of my results here

How Can Platinum Boston SEO Services Help Your Company?

Well, being on the first page in Google means a lot more traffic, potentially more sales and more revenue. How amazing would it be to get tons of visitors to your website daily? Pretty much anyone that needs something these days does a Google search to find what there looking for. Lets get them to your website!

As a potential client hopefully :), Just figured I should let you know that i am the leading SEO Expert in Boston and Rhode Island. I have been able to get a lot of clients to page 1 in Google and I am confident I can do the same for you given the chance.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

I know there are a lot of SEO Agency’s out there and you have a ton of options to choose from. So why would you choose me? Think about how you probably found our website. You probably did some type of Boston SEO Google search and found us. So as you can see if we can rank our site imagine what we can do for you! Give us a try I know you will be very happy!

We know offer a money back Guarantee- Top 5 in Google within 4 months or we stop billing you to the goal is achieved! Keep in mind we usually get you top 5 MUCH faster then this!

Search Engine Optimization- Why Do You Need It?

Its targeted traffic right to your website/business for free. This in return will increase visitors to your website and make you more money PERIOD!

Nice video here given you an idea the importance’s of SEO

Whats The Cost?

Every business is different. Some are bigger then others. Some keywords to rank for are harder then others etc.

Having a decent understanding of your budget can be very helpful. With that said until we look at your keywords and what goals you have in mind we really cant give you a price quite yet. Please keep in mind our prices are extremely competitive and I’m sure you will think so as well.

Cost aside, please understand you will be working with a local seo company that truly cares about getting you ranked an increasing your number of visitors. We only take on a few clients to ensure the best results possible.

So what do you do next?

Would be nice to talk with you about your company/business and come up with a plan to generate more traffic and more sales/income for you!

Kindly send me an email using our Contact Us Page with as much info as possible and Boston SEO Services will get back to you.

When emailing us, provide us with some of the info below..More the better 

  • Name of your company
  • Contact info like email and or phone number
  • Little bit about your business
  • What you are expecting from us

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