The Battle For The Top Positions In Google

The Internet has radically changed the way we search for information. Gone are the days when we had to depend upon one of the well-established encyclopedias or newspapers for gathering knowledge. Today we can simply fire up our browsers, visit one of the popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and type what we want to know. Within a fraction of a second, the search results appear in front of us.

Understanding the search results:

Search engines show both organic (free) and sponsored (paid) search results in their result pages, commonly called Search Engine Result Pages.

Discovery of relevant information:

Search results often run into several tens and hundreds of pages, and no human being can possibly go through all of them. In fact, most of the times, we don’t even have to go beyond the first few pages, because by that time we would have already gathered enough information.


Have you ever wondered how the search results decide how to display one website before another? This is done by clever software programs called “Search Engine Algorithms”. Every Search Engine provider has research teams tirelessly working to make these Algorithms better. Due to constant improvements that are made, the algorithms keep on changing several times in a year, and websites have to adhere to their guidelines in order to get ranked in the Search Engine Result Pages.

These algorithms are surprisingly versatile in evaluating websites which suit the web surfer’s requirements. They will only show the websites which are relevant to the search query. Google is known to use more than 200 such factors to decide the relative ranking of the websites relative to the search query.

How do the Search Engines deliver results?

Another category of software programs known as Web Crawlers (also known as Bots and Spiders) visit the websites, take snapshots of the pages, and add them to a database. This process is called “crawling”. Each Search Engine has several such bots which are untiring in their effort to crawl the web and keep the databases updated. While doing this, special attention is given to the content and the words that feature prominently on the websites. These are known as “Keywords”. Every search revolves around a keyword, hence getting the right keywords can improve the ranking of any web page.

It’s a fierce battle out there:

There are many companies vying for the top positions in the Search Engine Result Pages for every popular keyword. For instance, a search for a common keyword “buy computers” in Google generates over 408 million websites. If you are a computer manufacturer or re-seller, then surely you will have to work a lot to ensure that your website gets the attention of your potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization:

This is arguably the most essential tool that your website needs to win the battle for the top space in the organic search results. It is a complex technique to implement, but the results can be very satisfying.

Seek advice:

If you are the owner of a website, then get in touch with a digital marketing agency to avail of their SEO services. The digital marketing companies are the experts in the field, and know the latest tactics that are working. It will implement Search Engine Optimization to slowly the improve the ranking of the website in the search results.

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