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3 SEO Strategies To Use In Increasing Your Ranking

People are churning out websites every day thus increasing the competition for traffic. Due to the stiff competition, you need to do the right things in order to be on the first page of the search results. To help you out here are a few things that you need to do:

Build High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are still important factors used by search engines when deciding how to rank your website. All you need to do is to create a high quality blog post and ask people to share it. You can also create an article and submit it to top article directories. It’s also wise that you create a newsworthy press release and distribute it across press release sites.

To be on the safe side when building backlinks, you need to avoid techniques that will get you into trouble with Google. Some of the things that you need to avoid include: buying backlinks from online sellers, spamming forums and blogs, and using footer and sidebar links.

Increase The Loading Speed Of Your Site

Who likes a slow website? Very few people will visit your site if the loading speed is slow. Since Google considers the speed of a site when doing the ranking, you need to work hard at ensuring that your site loads fast. The solution can be as simple as changing the design of the site. Sometimes you have to install plugins that will solve the problem. For ideal results, you should hire a professional to do the work for you.

Write Engaging Content

Content is king online; therefore, you need to ensure that the content that you share on your site is of high quality and engaging. Remember that people don’t like reading rehashed content; therefore, you need to do proper research for your content in order to be unique. A great way of being unique is including data in your content. It’s also wise that you include customized images.

When writing your content, always start with an attention seeking title. Research studies have shown that people love numbers; therefore, include a number in your title. When it comes to the introduction, start by asking a rhetorical question.

To make your content easy to read you should break it into short paragraphs. As rule of thumb you should ensure that no paragraph is more than five lines.


These are a few things that you need to do in order to be on the good side of Google. By putting these tips into consideration, you will definitely see the ranking of site going up. Check out Platinum SEO to learn more!

How To Properly Market Your Product – Four Tips To Start An Effective Marketing Campaign

The right marketing strategy can provide your business product the necessary boost it needs for customers to recognize it. It can enhance your company and your product’s branding. It can also increase visitors to your site. These and many more you will enjoy if you have the right marketing strategy, however if not, you would likely get the opposite. The big challenge is what the right marketing strategy to apply.

If you search online, you will come across a lot of seemingly good ideas. However, because of too many information that is shared online, the tendency is you can get overwhelmed in choosing which ones are effective and which are not. Good thing there are experts that can shed light into some tips given online. Here are some proven effective online marketing strategies in these times.

1. Learn to optimize your website. This is to make sure your site is ranked in major search engines. Sites that are ranked high or at the top are most likely to get visited by online users or consumers. So make sure your meta tags, meta description, keywords, and other factors crucial to the ranking of your site are optimized. Remember, you are not up against just one company.

2. Update your content regularly. There is no better way to attract your customers but to give them updated information or valuable and engaging content. So make sure your website has a blog section where you can upload regularly your content. The best topics to write today are about “How to”, “Tips on”, and anything that involves steps for customers to follow.

3. Use email marketing. When used properly, this can effectively attract customers and improve your branding. Remember, use emails to develop relationships with potential clients and not use it to annoy them. If the customer feels that what you are sending them are irrelevant especially if they are repeatedly sent with the same message, they will place your email in their trash or default your messages into spam.

4. Use social media marketing. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are just some of the most influential and powerful social media of today. Make sure you include these sites to your campaign. When using these sites to promote your brand, you don’t have to say all the words that you can find just to gain attention. According to Forbes, customers’ preferences have shifted today. Instead of in-depth messages, they prefer more simplistic marketing messages.

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