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My name is Paul Steel and Welcome to Maine Seo. I can get your website, videos, yelp listings, and more on the first page of Google. Your business would benefit tremendously from this kind of service, and I’d love to be the one that works with you to achieve the results that you want.maine seo

How would your company benefit from this service, exactly?

The idea is very simple: when you dominate the search engines, you receive more traffic, and receiving more traffic means more sales and therefore more revenue as well. Would this increase in traffic make a significant impact in your business? The answer is yes. Today, when customers are looking for something, they do it through the Internet; and they usually don’t venture much farther than the first page of Google. This means that the competitors that have a position at the top have a significant advantage.

As a potential client, I want you to know that I am the #1 Maine SEO expert, probable the best in Maine. What I can do for you is what I’ve done countless times in the past: rank your business on the first page of search engines.

I guarantee results

But, why pick me? There are many different SEO agencies out there. The first reason is that you are reading this: if you found this, that means that it’s well positioned in Google, the search engine that you probably used. This should be the first requisite that anybody offering this kind of service should meet. This means that we not only talk the talk; we also walk the walk. My firm dominates the search results for anybody that searching SEO in Maine. None of the other agencies and firms are better than me at what I do.

Why is search engine optimization so important for your business?

Because it’s free targeted traffic. My goal is to make you more money than what you are paying me. Your return on investment is crucial to me.

Your competitors have a serious advantage over you if you are not ranking. Many of your potential customers will choose your competitors simply because they saw their website right away, but they did not see yours.

We will optimize your website in a way that will give you the results you want immediately. The other firms can’t deliver results like we do.

Please watch this video, it’ll teach you the basics:

How much does it cost to work with Maine Seo?

It depends on each business, as some businesses are bigger than others. It also depends on the specific needs of each business. The keyword is also a factor: some are easier to rank for than others.

It’s much easier for us to decide how we are going to approach your campaign if you can tell us what’s your budget. Also, we need to know a bit about your business before we can give you a price. With that said, our prices are hard to beat.

This is a local firm that cares about getting you the results you want. We deliver the best results because the number of clients we take on is limited.

So, if your interested please send me an email (preferred)

Or use our Contact Us Page

You may also call me if you find that to be easier 508-922-0519

Thanks so much!

Paul Steel

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